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IoT based Smart City solution from imtac called empyreal can help large Public Infrastructure owner/operator, Manufacturing Unit owner/operator, Government Organization, Hospitals, Water treatment and Distribution plant owners/operators and Electric Utilities to optimize the operations of their infrastructure and save on energy and water consumption.

empyreal is an end to end solution that integrates with the existing field assets and their automation controls to make their operation intelligent and completely remote. The schedule of operations of these assets can be programmed online for the whole year or beyond and can be aligned with fixed schedule or a particular field based event.

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Smart Lighting

Outdoor lighting in any urban city is a large and distributed infrastructure with high energy and operational efficiency demand. Empyreal Smart Lighting solution helps City administration in the automation of Street light operations and save the cost of energy to run them. The solution also keeps the city beautiful and safe.

Smart Transport & Logistics

Governments and Corporates own and run a complex surface and Air transport and logistics network. These services are mobile in nature and constantly consume energy and cover long distances. Empyreal Smart Transport & Logistics solution helps in providing a real-time visibility of moving assets over a wide geography and enables proactive actions when any threshold condition is reached.

Smart Electricity & Water

Cities need non-stop and clean energy and water. This infrastructure is geographically spread and is technically complex. While SCADA systems do a good job in the in-plant automation they become costly and complex if applied city wide. Empyreal Smart Electricity & Water solution helps in the automation of electricity and water network, giving a city wide real-time visibility of its operations at a fraction of cost of a full SCADA.

Smart Environment

Earth, in the recent past has shown some unpredictable behaviors. Rising sea level is leading to global climate change and is a great worry for the entire world. Each country and city is now wanting to monitor and control these changes to be able to give better life to the younger generations to come. Empyreal Smart Environment solution helps urban bodies and industries in monitoring environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, water source, bio-chemical agents, suspended air particles and different gases in the air, all in real-time.

Smart Building & Infrastructure

Any large city has a mesh of buildings and urban infrastructure that has many sub-systems that make their operation feasible. Chiller Plants, Elevators, indoor lighting, Air Quality, Security, water pumps and electricity distribution systems are essential to run a large building or infrastructure. Organizations that own one or more of such assets have a need to monitor them in a unified manner. Empyreal Smart Building & Infrastructure solution helps in the automation of these sub-systems and save energy and water.

Smart Health

Health and Wellness starts at home. There is a need for people to look after their health and environment proactively before a need arises to visit a hospital. Hospitals are a complex infrastructure consisting of doctors, support staff, sophisticated electro-mechanical equipment, controlled environment and processes. Empyreal Smart Health solution helps in monitoring various health sub-systems so that quality health services can be provided at an affordable cost, high efficiency and by maintaining a healthy environment both in and around the hospital area.

Smart Industries

Industries have been a backbone of the economy of nations. With mass customization and changing online buying trends, there is a very high pressure on industries to respond faster and cheaper. The industries due to their inherent nature also have a great responsibility to keep the environment clean by controlling their scrap and waste material. Empyreal Smart Industries solution helps in monitoring and controlling both in-plant and balance of plant processes so that the industrial inputs and outputs can be monitored in real-time.

APPLICATIONS of empyreal


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